Why Is Commercial Insurance Important in Idaho?

If you have an Idaho business you realize that protecting your assets, your income and employees is one of the most important parts of your business strategy. The Steve Bertsch Insurance Agency in Boise has the experience and products that will provide you with the best solutions to providing the correct insurance coverage for a wide variety of businesses and industries. Whether that is Liability, Inventory coverage, Workers Comp of group Health Insurance, we can help you find the proper coverage for your situation.

How Can We Help?

Allow us to recommend the proper coverages for your Idaho business. We can fit products that will give you protection from a wide variety of situations that can happen to your business. We have a large number of carriers that will allow us to tailor make a policy for just the exact needs you have.

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Coverage Terms

Idaho Business Owners Insurance

Coverage for your Boise business assets ensures you that your building, tools, inventory, and assets are properly covered in case of a loss. Whether you experience a fire, theft, or any other reason that results in a loss, we have the tools to protect your business assets.


General Liability Insurance

Liability means that someone is pointing at you and your company as the responsible party in a loss. It can mean anything from a slip and fall at your business to illness or loss occurring to a customer due to your products and services. Liability insurance protects you from the financial consequences of that loss. If your company is forced to take financial responsibility, your liability coverage steps in to protect you and your business in Idaho.

Commercial Automobile Insurance

Regardless if your business owns one service vehicle or if you have a fleet of large vehicles we can provide coverage for a vast number of businesses: including trucking, service industries, taxis, catering, construction vehicles and many more industries. We can help you provide the proper coverages for DOT, health requirements, cargo coverage, and many other needs in Boise, Idaho.

Workers Compensation Insurance

We have a variety of solutions for protecting your employees from accidents and diseases that occur while on the job. Whether  you are a one man operation required to have Worker’s Comp in Boise or a large employer with many employees, we can find affordable solutions for your needs. We can provide Workers Comp from the Idaho State Insurance Fund or through private Worker Compensation providers. Either way, we have the solution that meets your requirements.


Regardless if you are looking for a performance bond for a construction job or a bond as a Public Notary we have the right bond form for you. Let us know what your needs are and why you need a bond in Idaho and we can provide you with the service you need.

Miscellaneous Needs

If you need Malpractice insurance, E & O coverage, Homeowners Association’s coverages, Event Insurance, Directors and Officers coverage, insurance for a non-profit, or a host of other needs we can help you find the solutions you require.