Why Is Boise Homeowners Insurance Important?

Your home is not only one of the largest investments you will make, it is the special place that defines your life in many respects. So naturally, it is a goal of the Steve Bertsch Insurance Agency to protect your Boise home so that if a loss occurs we can rebuild that home back to the way it was before the claim occurred. There are few situations that would be more devastating than losing your home to an accident or loss. We will build a policy for you that covers the replacement of your home, your personal items and keeps you from having financial hardships while your home is being repaired.

Your Boise Idaho homeowners’ policy is your first line of defense in the case of an accident or claim in which you have been accused of being at fault. It may be a slip and fall of a guest or an inadvertent rock being thrown through your neighbor’s window, a liable accusation by someone or many incidents which you are being held responsible for, your homeowner’s policy covers you for a multitude of at fault situations. We have become experts in private flood insurance and can cover nearly the entire Northwest with coverage for your flood insurance needs.

How Can We Help?

Whether this is your first home in Idaho, a secondary cabin, rental income property or condo we can tailor make a policy that properly covers your Boise home. We will make sure we have the adequate amount of insurance on your home without charging you for coverages you don’t need.

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Homeowners Policy Coverages

Idaho Property Coverage

To pay for repairs to your Boise home, garage or other buildings that are damaged.

Personal Property

If you have a loss of valuables in your home like jewelry, electronics or guns due to theft or damage.

Liability Insurance

Boise Home Liability coverage can help protect you from a claim if someone is injured or their property is damaged.

Medical Expenses

Medical expenses provide coverage for someone that is injured, other than a resident, on your Idaho property.

Idaho Living Expenses

If you have a complete loss, you may need extra temporary housing or food when you’re forced from your home in Idaho.

Flood Insurance

In 2012 Congress passed a law allowing citizens required or wanting flood insurance to acquire private flood insurance outside of FEMA flood coverage. We have access or several private flood companies that are easy to work with and provide substantial cost savings for flood insurance in Idaho.

There may also be other coverages that you may want to consider in addition to your basic homeowners’ policy. These may include personal umbrella, automobile, flood, earthquake or jewelry insurance. Our agents can help you understand your other risks and help you evaluate whether you may need additional coverages in your Idaho home insurance plan.